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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Na Koa Lunch Report (9/20/10)

Na Koa has posted this week's Lunch Report up on the NaKoa.org website. Defensive coordinator Dave Aranda was the featured speaker. Here's an excerpt:
The defensive front didn’t play well while the secondary did. This is the opposite of the Army game where the front played better than the secondary.

Coach Aranda said the poor tackling, yards after contact and alignment and assignment issues are happening when we are “not playing on our terms”. When things are going well, the defense plays well. But when things are not going well such as in a sudden change situation, we don’t play well. We don’t have the attitude that is needed to make a stand. The coaches need to develop the confidence in the defense that they can make a stand. They will work on developing that attitude by challenging the players with competition in practice.


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