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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Defense, Paipai, Injuries, CSU

Stephen Tsai writes about some changes to how the UH defense practices as well as Paipai Falemalu's move back to full-time defensive end.
After bulking up to 260 pounds early this summer, Falemalu was told he would be used in the hybrid linebacker/end position. He then was forced to lose weight.

"Honestly, I can gain and lose weight as I choose," Falemalu said. "If I want to gain weight, I eat more than I usually do and work out more. To lose weight, I run more instead of lifting more."

When Aaron Brown missed most of the preseason because of a sprained right ankle, Ahmad received the bulk of Brown's duties in nickel packages. After Brown recovered, it was decided to keep Ahmad in the rotation. That meant Falemalu was not needed at linebacker.

"We felt (Falemalu) could be best served getting all of his reps in one spot," Aranda said of the decision to play Falemalu full-time at right end. "He doesn't have to learn two or three different positions. He can learn one position -- where he can play fast."
Tsai writes that Matagisila Lefiti returned to practice and should be able to play against Charleston Southern, but probably won't start. He also notes that Brett Leonard is on track to receive medical clearance next week, Spencer Smith hopes to be back in five weeks, and Malosi Te'o will join the Warriors in January.

Dave Reardon writes about the difficulties playing at altitude.
A guy who says he's a physician e-mailed me insisting oxygen debt is all in the head at a mile above sea level. When I asked, he provided references and everything.

Ashley Lelie, who played four seasons with the Denver Broncos concurs -- yes, it is in the head ... and in the lungs, and in the sinuses, and in the legs.
And Jeff Hartsell of The Post and Courier writes about Charleston Southern's trip to Hawaii.
More than just a game awaits Charleston Southern's football team this week as the Buccaneers make their second trip to Hawaii in four years.

"It's not just about the game, but a cultural and educational trip as well," CSU coach Jay Mills said Tuesday. "We're going to Pearl Harbor, we'll have a luau and we will take the guys snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean before we head back."

Mills also hopes the Bucs are better equipped to handle the football part of the itinerary. On CSU's last trip to the islands, the Warriors handed the Bucs a 66-10 whipping in 2007.


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