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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Day 14: O-Line, Secondary, Bradley

Both Jason Kaneshiro and Stephen Tsai write that Austin Hansen has the left tackle position pretty much locked down. Kaneshiro writes that the other spots along the offensive line are up for grabs.
Shaw said Brett Leonard and Andrew Faaumu remain close at left guard. The race at center could be a three-man battle between Sila Lefiti, Bronson Tiwanak and junior college transfer London Sapolu. Thomas and Brysen Ginlack are both proven at right guard. Letuli was granted a sixth year of eligibility and aims to shed about 20 pounds over the summer and will be pushed at right tackle by Kainoa LaCount, who missed about half of the spring with a knee injury.

"It's a photo finish at this point in those four spots," Shaw said. "That's not all bad because if a guy decides to take a day off in May, June or July and the other guy doesn't, that might be just enough to put the other guy ahead of him."
Tsai writes that Sila Lefiti and Laupepa Letuli are in the lead for their spots.
Matagisila Lefiti, who also will be a junior, has the edge at center over Bronson Tiwanak.

"I know my calls," said Lefiti, who was backup to John Estes last season. "I've had chemistry with the first unit."

Shaw said Lefiti is ahead physically, but both Lefiti and Tiwanak are relatively even in their knowledge of the offense.
Tsai also writes about the coaches having to cut 25 players at the end of spring practice.
"You don't want to take away someone's dream," Miano said. "Their dream is to play for the University of Hawai'i. They've worked so, so hard. The best part is that no matter what happens, they will always be part of our family. Just because you don't make it, you still have our respect and you'll always be in the Warrior ohana."
Kaneshiro has more practice notes on his blog.
The secondary is running very thin late in the spring with three of the top four cornerbacks — Jeramy Bryant, Lewis Walker and Lametrius Davis — resting ailments today. Kawika Ornellas and Steve Stepter filled in for today’s practice.
Ferd Lewis writes about the emergence of the UH secondary this spring.
"We have an attitude," said Smith, who has been one of the foremost keepers of the flame. "We're coming after people, we're going to hit you and we're going to play together. We keep doing all that, we're going to be a pretty good defense."

It amounts to a tectonic shift from a year ago at this time when there might as well have been a huge "under construction" sign hanging over a secondary that was hastily undergoing rebuilding. The Warriors had lost four starters and were feeling their way, looking for a cohesiveness and a personality.

This spring they seem to have found it.
Leila Wai interviews Rodney Bradley about his recovery from that broken leg.

And Wai previews tomorrow's Warrior Bowl by interviewing Greg McMackin, Greg Salas and Vaughn Meatoga:


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