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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is Here / Blaze

Stephen Tsai previews spring training, which started today. Here's an excerpt about Brett Leonard, who will be competing at left guard.
During the exit interview with line coach Gordy Shaw, Leonard expressed interest in competing at left guard this year.

"It just helps me out with my future, if I want to make one after my two (seasons) here," Leonard said.

Leonard said knowing how to play both guard and tackle "makes me a more valuable asset to the team and makes it more valuable to me."

Leonard, who is 6 feet 5, now weighs 320.

"It's all good weight," Leonard said.
The Tsai and Wai Warrior Beat Show will be broadcasting live from UH at 8:30am HST. Be there!

Jason Kaneshiro takes a look at Bryant Moniz: Year Two.
"Every day I have to fight for it," Moniz said. "I don't think anybody's job is ever secured. Just have to mess up one time or somebody else is starting to do better than you. It's all about getting the best person on the field."
Since the end of a 6-7 season, Moniz has worked to pack on more muscle to improve his durability and arm strength.

As Moniz hopes the offseason conditioning program adds some zip to his throws, Rolovich wants to see the offense operate at a quicker tempo.
And Tsai profiles Blaze Soares, who's getting ready for UH's Pro Day.
Banning said: "The nice thing about Blaze is that he's what I can say is an 'easy responder.' An easy responder is a guy who, once you get him adequate calories and appropriate training, loses fat and develops muscles very quickly. Blaze is one of those guys who works very hard, and is committed to everything we do. He's had pretty dramatic results."

Soares has gained nine pounds, and now weighs 246, but dropped his body fat to 8.4 percent.

He also is capable of bench pressing 225 pounds 30 times, a 50-percent increase from January.

Soares said he wants to run the 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds, or faster.

"That's my goal," he said. "The NFL is based on speed, and I wanted to get faster. I've been working on this for three months. I'm ready to show what I can do."
All the best to Blazah! And as a sidenote, with Tommy Heffernan at the strength & conditioning helm maybe there will be less and less need for players to go to Arizona to get into better shape.


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