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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Coaching Shuffle, Spring Practice

Stephen Tsai talks to newly officially promoted coordinators Dave Aranda and Nick Rolovich.
Aranda said there is a "sense of urgency" to re-establishing a more daring defense.

"I see a lot of gray that needs to be worked out to black and white," Aranda said. "We're in the process of doing that. This has been the best offseason, in terms of coaches working together to get the gray out."

Rolovich, meanwhile, said he is committed to the four-wide passing attack.

"You can win throwing the ball," Rolovich said. "We're not going to change the offense or the mindset."

Rolovich said the game plans will have room for "pounding it" with the running attack.

Still, he insisted, the passing game can have an aggressive approach.

"We need a killer instinct," Rolovich said. "We need a knockout-blow attitude as far as throwing the ball. ... What we need to do is instill the confidence into the players. I think when everybody feels the way I do about the offense, fear goes out the window."
Jason Kaneshiro has quotes from the coaches as well.
"If I was going to have this position, the one place I'd want to have it would be here," said Rolovich, a former UH quarterback. "Especially after playing here, being part of the program, understanding the success that's been here and what this offense can do. I'm going to keep that at the front of my mind. I am very fortunate and I have a responsibility to carry this on."
"Everybody is on the same page; now I can really focus on the receivers," Ron Lee said.
Mike Cherry of Hawaii News Now has a report on the changes and a quick preview of spring practice.

And Dave Reardon has a column about the coaching changes.


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