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Friday, January 15, 2010

WitP: Jeff Ulbrich, Ryan Mouton

Scott J. Adams of Morgan Hill Times profiles the recently retired Jeff Ulbrich, who is actively searching for a coaching position.
While the 49ers have been in offseason mode the last two weeks, Ulbrich has been as busy as ever. His wife, Cristina, and kids Sammy, 8, Jax, 6, and Jace, 4, are aware his break from employment is just that: a break.

"A normal day is lots of phone calls," Ulbrich said Wednesday, still looking game-ready at 6-foot, 240 pounds. "I'm trying to find a coaching job; just reaching out to all the coaches I played under, players that I played with who are now coaching."

A short list of Ulbrich's list of contacts includes Jim Mora, Dennis Erickson, June Jones, Bryant Young and Jim Harbaugh. Ideally, Ulbrich will land a job that isn't far from his family's new house off of Watsonville Road in Gilroy.
You can buy a house in Hawaii too you know. I hear there's an opening for defensive grad assistant at UH. Just sayin.

And Ryan Mouton talks to the Nashville Scene about his rookie season with the Tennessee Titans.
"We got thrown into the fire early. We learned a lot, playing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Now, we're just preparing for the next time we're thrown in there," he says.

Even the hurt of his role in the loss to the Jets is something Mouton has been able to put into perspective.

"Of course, it was tough in the Jets game. But guys here told me, 'You've got to put that behind you and get ready for the next play, really,' " he says. "I've learned a lot from that, and hey, hopefully, I can get another shot to return, because I still feel like I'm capable of doing that.

"I definitely grew up. It helped me grow up, when the pressure is on you like that, and the heat is on you. You have to grow from it. I've taken it for what it was and I moved on."
I might've posted this before, but you can follow Mouton on Twitter at @mrmouton_29


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