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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recruiting Strategy, Funny NCAA Rule, Etc.

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Stephen Tsai talks to Coach Greg McMackin about his recruiting strategy. Here are some excerpts from the Q&A:
"We counted up the tapes, and from the start of the year (in 2009), we were contacted by 3,000 guys. We also talked to every (Hawai'i) high school (football) coach to find out who they think are the top players in the state. It's quite a process. You have to go over every tape. You talk to coaches. You watch games. You watch more tapes. You have to find out if you think they'll meet the academic requirements (to play as freshmen). Then you have to rank them because you want to get the best players possible for the University of Hawai'i."
"I've never been a guy who goes on (scouting) Web sites, and tries to recruit players based on how many stars they have next to their names. We want to go out and see for ourselves, and watch videos, and make our own evaluations. We know there are some schools who went after players because they had four- or five-star ratings. And they didn't always play very well, because, maybe, a five-star has some problems in other areas. We're looking for great players with passion who make plays. It's important to have the basic measurables, but the biggest measurables are a player's heart and brain, and whether he can make plays.
But something that might throw a wrench in some of Mack's recruiting plans is a really stupid NCAA rule.
In a twist only the NCAA understands, middle linebacker Brashton Satele, who is appealing for an exemption to play as a sixth-year senior, must count as part of the 2010 recruiting class. He also will use one of the 25 initial scholarships the Warriors are allowed this year.


Well, as we have been told, Satele has exhausted his original scholarship because he completed his five years of eligibility and graduated in December. Assuming he is granted a sixth year, he would have to receive a new scholarship, which means he would count as a new recruit.

Once again: huh?
Huh? indeed! In the comments, Garret has a possible explanation:
I think that one factor is that the NCAA recently has been having several players use a loophole that allows a player who graduated from one school to play at another school right away without sitting out a year. There have been several examples of this recently, which some people have been calling a "loophole" that allows players to transfer schools and play right away.

So, since Brashton graduated he would actually be eligible to transfer and play for another school in 2010. When you take that into account, now I understand why he'd count towards the initial 25 scholarships...in the NCAA's eyes, he's a free agent (just like any high school kid) who is able to play for anybody next season.
And as others pointed, this rule is not exactly an incentive for someone to graduate on time.

Also from Garret, via SportsHawaii, is this little note about Gordy Shaw recruiting in Minnesota.
Gordy Shaw, the former Gophers football recruiting whiz, was in town scouting players for his University of Hawaii team recently when it was 12 below zero. Asked how Minnesota high school prospects react when he mentions Honolulu, he said, "Their eyes light up."
From Tuesday, Ferd Lewis writes about UH's potential travel plans for the road trip to Army (New York) and Colorado (altitude) after the USC home opener.
Plans call for UH to charter into Newark, N.J., for the West Point stop. But yet to be booked and perhaps most critical is the approach to the game with the Buffaloes in Boulder, Colo.

The options include staying in the New York area for a couple of days, flying into Denver immediately after the Army game or holding up somewhere else (Las Vegas?) and then swooping in on Boulder. Ruled out — for both reasons — has been a return to Honolulu in between.
And Dave Reardon pays tribute to Liz Chun, who is leaving her post as sports director for Hawaii News Now.


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