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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warriors in the Pros: Samson, Colt

A video of Samson Satele talking to the Miami media can be found on this page. Click on "Samson Satele Media Availability" under "Videos" for a pop-up window.

Over at WSN, 4uhfan finds another good review of Samson's play against the Patriots.
Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork was a complete non-factor, as Miami center Samson Satele controlled the point of attack. The second-year player is definitely an intriguing talent for a team that is searching for difference-makers.

Wilfork's struggles were symptomatic of a team-wide inability to attack the line of scrimmage.
Earlier this month, Satele said that Wilfork was the toughest nose tackle he faced last season.

And ESPN.com's Patrick Hruby talks to several Washington Redskins, including Colt Brennan, in his article about blind-side hits on the QB, as he prepares to get voluntarily blindsided.
As previously mentioned, a blindside hit encompasses two collisions, and the second can be worse than the first. At least according to Redskins rookie quarterback Colt Brennan. During his first collegiate game, he recalls, a defender clobbered him from behind, lifted him off the ground, twisted him in midair and drove him into the turf. Brennan's parting gift? A separated shoulder.

Brennan wraps up his story – painful-looking pantomime included – and then tells me not to worry.

"Actually, a lot of blindside hits look really bad when you see them," he says, "but when you take them, they're not as painful."


"Really. They come as a surprise, and before you know it, you're just looking up from the ground and wondering what happened. Sometimes [you feel] more shock than actual hurt."

I'm not sure I believe this.
"Don't clench up," Brennan advises. "Just sit there and meditate. Let the hit take you."

Right. Meditate. Be the hit. Very "Caddyshack." Got it.


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