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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tomey, SJSU, Injuries

SJSUSpartans.com has a transcript from San Jose State head coach Dick Tomey's weekly press conference. Here's an excerpt:
On changes in offensive line after allowing so many sacks against Stanford:
“We don’t have a lot of options. The sacks were a result of Stanford showing us things we have never seen from them before, for which we did not react very well. Our line is, virtually, all sophomores; while Stanford’s defensive front is full of fifth-year seniors. Although we played them before, there is a significant experience gap.
We will have to play through that.
Over at SportsHawaii.com, CoachKen has a detailed UH vs SJSU preview.
What will be their game plan?

1. Attack our QB. If they succeed the game is over.
2. They will play man under secondary coverage with two deep safeties as a base hoping they get to the QB first. We will have to take advantage of stretching the safeties and the open spots it will create.
3. They will try to confuse our blocking by fake blitzes and off the edge hard rush. Look for the defensive ends to be positioned wide and an occasional blitz by a safety or outside backer.
The twelfth man for Hawaii? All of us. If we start to boo our team or abandon them early, you are no Warrior, just a fair weather fan.
And Tsai updated today's Warrior Beat post with pics and news.
Quarterback Tyler Graunke threw passes during warmups, but did not participate in 7-on-7 drills.
He said there was some tenderness in his right thumb, especially when he pulls it away from the right index finger. But he said he will undergo “triple treatment” today, and will practice tomorrow.
Quarterback/running back Bryce Kalau‘oka‘a‘ea will undergo surgery to repair a torn ACL in his right knee. He suffered the injury during the Scout Bowl. He will be back for spring practice.
UPDATE: KGMB interviewed Tyler Graunke and Rocky Savaiigaea about coming back from their respective injuries.


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