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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

From the Blogs: Spring Notes, Coaching Clinic (w/VIDEO UDPATE)

Dave Reardon has a bunch of leftover quotes that couldn't be used in today's articles about spring practice. Here's one of them:
On adapting to the snaps under center:

“I think they’re all on course. The gun is easy. Once we get the feel for this, it’ll help our running game, because now we can go right or left. The gun, you’re limited. And the ball comes out so much faster. The defense has to be where they’re supposed to. Today was a good indication that it’s not hurting them, but they still need to get the feel for the rush.”
Stephen Tsai has some news about Spencer Smith, Daniel Libre, Adrian Thomas and a bunch of other things, including how the shutdown of Aloha Airlines is affecting the team's travel plans.
The demise of Aloha Airlines is forcing the Warriors to scramble to make travel reservations.
The Warriors anticipated problems when Aloha, which provided charter flights for the team the past few years, stopped its passenger service.
Hawaiian Airlines, which provided three charters for the Sugar Bowl, seemed like a logical alternative. Thing is, Hawaiian also provides charters for three NFL teams, according to people in the know. And the charters Hawaiian provided for the Sugar Bowl are too big for regular-season travel.
UH has yet to make travel plans for the season-opener against Florida in Gainesville.
And both Tsai and Reardon have details of the 2008 Hawai‘i Warrior Football Coaching Clinic, which can be found here.

UPDATE: CC has compiled tonight's news from KITV, KGMB, KFVE and KHON with segments on the coaching clinic, as well as updates on Colt post-surgery and some spring news.


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