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Sunday, April 06, 2008

JJ, Spring Notes

The Star-Bulletin has two articles (with more to come) from writer Mark Wangarin, who catches up with June Jones. Dave Reardon has a foreword, which leads to the first article. Here's an excerpt about Eric Dickerson approaching Jones about the SMU job:
So, June, Dickerson began, you think maybe you'd be interested in the SMU job?

The answer was a quick yes.

But it came with a caveat. Hawaii was preparing for the Sugar Bowl against Georgia, its first ever BCS appearance, and if word got out Jones was trolling the waters ... well, we'll talk later.

Hawaii lost the Sugar Bowl to a more talented Georgia team, 41-10. Word had leaked that Jones was being wooed. A whole state mobilized to keep Jones, but they didn't know in his heart he'd already decided. He didn't need money, a new locker room, a swankier office, more trinkets and baubles.

June Jones, as always, wanted a challenge.

SMU offered him just that.

Boy, did it ever.
In a second article, Wangarin details two other times Jones came close to leaving UH. Here's an excerpt about January 2007:
Brennan, meanwhile, had until Jan. 17 to decide if he would enter the NFL Draft or return for his senior season.

Recalled Jones, "I said 'Colt, I'll be honest with you. You have a decision you have to make. I'll tell you what I think, where you get drafted. You have to make that decision.

"Obviously, I'll be part of this decision. You can't tell anybody, can't share this with anybody, but if I get one of these pro jobs, I'll go. But I'll do this for you. If your decision is to come back and I have not left by Jan. 17, then if I get one of those jobs after Jan. 17, I'll turn it down.'

And Stephen Tsai has some news and notes about the current team, including Victor Clore hoping to practice this week after recovering from a shoulder injury, Tyson Kafentzis moving back to linebacker, and Cameron Allen-Jones working out at defensive end this spring.


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