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Monday, February 18, 2008

Hercules / Lookahead / Lewis Walker / RGM

Dave Reardon reports on a Herculean performance by Hercules Satele today.
According to trainer Fudge Fajardo, Hercules Satele was incredible today. In his last set (benching reps of 225 pounds) of the session …

… “We were just kind of messing around, and told him to go for 40. He put up 65 reps, and the last one, he locked it,” Fajardo said. “It’s hard for me to be stunned, because I’ve been around a lot of lifters, but I was stunned. I grabbed it at 50, but he was fine so I let it go. I said, ‘Let’s do 65,’ because that’s his jersey number. He did it, no problem.”

A performance like that at Pro Day on April 1 could clinch Satele a spot in the draft.
That's unreal. Whillikers!

Also from that post is news that the St. Louis Rams have a high interest in Jason Rivers.

Reardon also writes about Colt Brennan winning some awards from the Honolulu Quarterback Club.

CFN's Pete Fiutak has a 2008 WAC lookahead.

And incoming freshman cornerback Lewis Walker is profiled in this article about Utah athletes who have signed with colleges.
“Hawaii is so far away, I wondered how they found me,” said Lewis. “But they have always been exposed to Judge Memorial, and, it is Hawaii, so I think every kid would like to play football over there.”

Walker broke his leg while playing at a football camp at Idaho State his junior year. He was playing quarter back, and started running outside to pass. He was hit by two defenders. One defender hit him high, and the other hit him low, which resulted in a fractured tibia. This put him out all summer and the whole season of his junior year except for the last two playoff games.

“This experience helped me become more mature, and I learned how to be a better teammate,” said Lewis.

“His injury was negative in his playing experience, but in his personal life, it was a huge factor in his maturity and development,” said James Cordova, Judge Memorial head football coach. “He had to learn to be a leader from the sidelines. He brought a lot to our program, not just athletically, but also as a leader and a communicator. Lewis would champion the team’s cause and he would champion his own cause.

“Last year, while he was injured, he would run around practice with a clipboard, asking questions,” said Cordova. “He is definitely a student of the game, and likes to be involved and connected. He has always asked questions about what we do and why we do it trying to get the deeper meaning out of the different strategies.”
Sounds like UH got a great player.

... and just saw Tsai has a new post today. He talks to Ryan Grice-Mullins about preparing for the NFL Combine.
Ryan Grice-Mullins said he weighs 187 pounds, which is barely enough needed to gain entry into our cattle calls.
But considering he weighed 176 at the end of last season, Grice-Mullins believes he is on the right track heading into this week's NFL combine in Indianapolis.
"I'm feeling good," Grice-Mullins said.
Tsai also has an injury update on offensive lineman Travis Campbell.
He has been bothered by pain for the last couple of months and the trainers sent him for an MRI. The results show tear to his labrum front and back.
Travis is disappointed that he will miss participating in spring ball but knows this is the best time to have the surgery and be ready for next season.


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