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Thursday, May 24, 2007

BCS Hopes

Pete Fiutak of CFN has some Ridiculously Early 2008 BCS Projections. Here's his projection for the Sugar Bowl:
Allstate Sugar Bowl
Jan. 1 / 8:30 p.m. New Orleans, La. FOX
*BCS vs. BCS (SEC Champion, if available)
Way Too Early Projection: Michigan vs. Hawaii
Top 5 Others Considered: 1) LSU, 2) Florida, 3) Georgia, 4) Louisville, 5) Tennessee

This is the toughest part of the puzzle to put together. Work with us here. If the Sugar Bowl loses LSU to the national title, as predicted, it'll get the second choice of available at-large teams if USC is number one from pillar to post. While a slew of SEC teams might be tempting, the opportunity to take Michigan would be too juicy to pass up (unless Florida is available, which we're predicting won't be an option). The Fiesta, the dumping ground for disrespected mid-major teams who earn a BCS slot, might appear to be more of a natural tie-in for an unbeaten Hawaii (check out the schedule and you'll see why this isn't so crazy), but it'll come up with a high-octane matchup of its own. Feel free to flip-flop Hawaii and Louisville.
It is ridiculously early, but that's pretty cool.

You know what's cooler? Ice Cucumber Pepsi.

It'll be sold in Japan for a limited time, starting June 12th. It actually sounds pretty good. If I ever get my hands on one I'd pour some chili pepper water inside to make myself a refreshing Cucumber Kim Chee Pepsi, awww yeah.


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