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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jason Ferguson / Monday

Stephen Tsai writes that after multiple surgeries, along with many months (if not years) of attempted rehab and recovery, Hawaii receiver Jason Ferguson has decided to retire from football.
"It wasn't just the two major reconstructions, it was four surgeries overall," Ferguson said. "If I were to get hurt again, I might not be able to walk. The best decision was for me to hang 'em up. I was really sad, but I knew that's what I had to do."
Jones was willing to keep Ferguson on football scholarship. But with a medical retirement, Ferguson will remain on scholarship, although that scholarship will not count against the Warriors' 84-scholarship limit.
Ferguson is on track to earn a bachelor's degree during the 2007-'08 academic year.
"Growing up, my dream wasn't the NFL," Ferguson said. "It was to get a free college education. I'm getting that. I'm very grateful for the opportunity coach Jones gave me."
Ferguson said he will be involved in helping the team this season.
Best of luck to Jason. It's sad that he couldn't resume his football career, but it's great he'll get to complete his degree and still help out the football team.


And Kalani Simpson is giddy over the dramatic possibilities of Herman Frazier's informational briefing.
Now this has potential.

I'm expecting a ridiculous amount of grandstanding, from everyone involved. Tough grilling. Dramatic gasps and rumbles from the audience. I'm envisioning an extravaganza worthy of its own Jon Stewart synopsis or "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Well, maybe not. But we can always hope.

Yes, it will probably go smoothly, and diffuse tension, and Frazier will explain everything, and the politicians will run out of questions, and say, "Um, well, OK then," and promise to send more money to UH. That's probably how it will go.

Then again, there will be television cameras. And these are politicians, and Herman Frazier is Herman Frazier. And there's starting to be this crazy vibe in the air.
Stephen Tsai says Leila Wai will be shooting video of the meeting. So any fireworks that happen to go off will be documented.


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