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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Utah State quotes, Corey Paredes the hunter, ESPN might pick up UH-Boise State Game

BoxScoreNews.com has quotes from Utah State coach Gary Andersen and players Kellen Bartlett and Sean Enesi, who talk about facing Hawaii. Here's a quote from Enesi:

“Last year their run game killed us, we put in a different package last year that tried to contain the passing offense and they changed it up and started running the ball. Once they started to run, it set up the passing attack for them. So this year we are going to be confident with our rush defense, we are going to look for the run. We are also going to have threats for the passing attack.”
Stephen Tsai profiles Corey Paredes.
"The best hunting dogs are poi dogs," he said. "You want to mix pit bulls for the toughness, and hounds. You need veteran dogs that know what they're doing, and young dogs to help. When you're hunting, it's a team effort. All of the dogs have to be on him at once."

That mentality, he said, translates to the Warriors' defense.

"We're like that," he said. "We're a pack, and everybody swarms to the ball and makes plays. You can do it alone, but it's better when everybody is together. You see it (in UH's game) films. Guys are running hard and hitting piles. Everybody has that hunger."
Stephen Tsai has some news and notes about the onside kick that Nevada recovered, the holding they possibly committed, and Coach Mack's decision to not go for two up 26-14.
"We thought about that and considered that, and we didn't, and won the game," McMackin said, side-stepping his reasoning. "We don't worry about it any more."

When pressed, he said, "You can figure out how the thing comes out. Maybe we should have (gone for 2). Maybe we shouldn't have. But we won the game, so we don't have to worry about it now. We can move on."
And Ferd Lewis writes that ESPN might pick up the UH-Boise State game, but that might also cost the UH Athletics department some money.
But if ESPN picks up the game, UH and its pay-per-view partners, Oceanic Time Warner and KFVE, could lose their most attractive game of the season and a payday of $200,000 or more.

The pay-per-view package has had upward of 12,000 for its most popular games, including more than 5,000 individual purchases, since PPV began.


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