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Sunday, October 17, 2010

WitP: Bess gets TD and extension, Sopoaga plays fullback, etc.

Davone Bess caught 5 passes for 37 yards, including a 2-yard TD reception, in Miami's 23-20 victory over Green Bay. Ikaika Alama-Francis also logged a tackle. And it looks like Bess is gonna get paid.
As Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess gets off to one of the fastest three-year starts of any pass-catcher in team history, he's now going to be getting paid like a highly productive player, too.

Bess agreed to a two-year contract extension that was submitted to the NFL late in the week. It will put him well above his previous pay scale as an undrafted free agent out of the University of Hawaii.

A source would not disclose full terms of the deal but said Bess would be the highest-paid nickel wide receiver in the league. Keep in mind, Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker no longer falls into that category.
And following up on Brandon Marshall's comments about Bess being one of the best route runners ever, Andy Kent of NFL Fanhouse had some quotes from Chad Pennington and Bess himself about the subject.
"When you think about Davone and how he runs routes, he has a knack for understanding leverage on a defender," Pennington said. "He has a knack for knowing when to take a little bit longer on a route, when to speed up a route and 'where do I need to be when the quarterback throws the ball?' Some guys just run routes the way it's on paper and if it's not perfect they don't get open.

"Davone has a knack to run a route and even though it's not run like it's on paper he gets in that window and he finds a way to get open. We all know how matter how you draw it up on the chalkboard it doesn't necessarily happen that way on the field because you've got moving parts on both sides of the ball."
Looks like Isaac Sopoaga had some fun in the 49ers first victory of the season.
Facing a third-and-two situation late in the game, the 49ers sent in defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga - all 330 pounds of him - to play fullback. To further the "Refrigerator Perry" analogies, the 49ers call the play "22 Ice" with Sopoaga known as "The Ice Truck."

"Oh, I was so anxious," Sopoaga said afterward. "I was looking forward to it, but this is just fullback. I played rugby 12 years of my life. You know, rugby people - we play with no helmets and no pads, so this is nothing. I love it, I enjoy it and I hope there is more coming."
In the game, Sopoaga had 2 tackles while Travis LaBoy had one.

Speaking of LaBoy, he and his family were featured in an article by Dave Curtis of the Marin Independent Journal.

Pisa Tinoisamoa had 6 tackles in the Bears 23-20 loss to the Seahawks.

Mat McBriar punted 5 times for a 44-yard average in the Cowboys' loss to the Vikings.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union profiles Jaguars teammates Vince Manuwai and Tyson Alualu, who both grew up living in KPT.
When Manuwai goes back to KPT these days, his old friends try to clean up before he arrives. They get embarrassed to show him their homes.

"I'm like man, we grew up in roaches — roaches would crawl all over your body when you're sleeping," Manuwai said. "Now they look at you like you're different. I'm like man, you don't have to clean up for nothing. I'm used to all that."

Manuwai doesn't want anyone to apologize for KPT because he never does. Neither does Alualu. He was a speaker at a celebration the community had earlier this year.

"In Hawaii you say KPT and the only thing that pops in your head is a bunch of negative things because of how the media portrays it," Alualu said. "It's good that we celebrate all the good things that are happening now in the community. All the good things that came from the community."
In an overtime loss to Edmonton, Solomon Elimimian had 8 tackles, including a sack, while BC Lions teammate Adam Leonard had five tackles, including a forced fumble. doozy104 posted some of Elimimian's highlights from the game. He's looking really good.

And in a loss to the Ticats, Chad Owens caught 3 passes for 30 yards, returned 5 kicks for 97 yards and 8 punts for 75 yards.

UPDATE: Saskatchewan's Ryan Grice-Mullen returned 4 kicks for 95 yards and 4 punts for 27 yards in a loss to Calgary.


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