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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WitP: Ikaika, Bess, Pisa

MiamiDolphins.com has an update on Ikaika Alama-Francis.
Alama-Francis was so looking forward to last week’s game at Buffalo, especially because he knew he had a good chance of starting, but a virus that he woke up with on Saturday morning prevented him from taking the field. He was made inactive 90 minutes before the game as he was being treated by different doctors, but today inside the locker room he said he feels better, even though he didn’t practice.

“You’re working so hard during camp and preseason games and everything, and the first regular-season game you’re so excited and I was ready to play, too,” Alama-Francis said. “Just certain circumstances happen and I got sick and that’s what happened. I don’t know when it happened but it was bad and my fever was pretty high. It just takes time to get rid of.”
Ikaika's teammate Davone Bess talks about what's become his specialty as a Dolphin -- converting on third down:

And Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo likes what he saw out of Pisa Tinoisamoa and the rest of the Bears linebackers this past Sunday.
“I thought our linebackers played exceptionally well, all of them. I don’t remember a game where all of them had stellar performances like Sunday. I think Lance Briggs is one of the best short-yardage linebackers in all of football. It’s amazing how many great plays he’s made in those situations. He made a play on the goal line in a very tough spot of the field where linemen typically don’t allow penetration. Pisa attacked and disrupted plays throughout the game. We also saw the old Brian Urlacher. It was great to see him out there making plays, hustling, and bringing all that energy to the unit. It was just a great day for our linebackers.”


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