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Thursday, August 19, 2010

WAC got cracked

Ferd Lewis writes about the sinking of the WAC.
What was obvious from faces and body language was that, "It is devastating," said Jim Donovan, UH athletic director. "There's no positive spin I can put on this in the short term. We're going to look at our options and move forward."

Donovan said those options would include: remaining in a realigned, diluted WAC; moving to a different conference; going independent in football and placing its other 18 sports in another conference or conferences; or going independent in all sports.
Stephen Tsai has analysis, a list of winners and losers, and his opinion on what UH should do.
Commission all of the studies necessary, but it's obvious UH needs to compete as an independent in football. Unless there's a shift in the continents, Hawaii's isolation is a deal breaker. If BYU opts to remain in the MWC, and the league needs to add a 12th member, the Warriors still aren't on the invitation list. Word on the boulevard is TCU wants to bring in Houston; New Mexico wants to invite UTEP.
And Dave Reardon sums it up in one sentence (though the whole column is good too).
Twelve years ago, Karl Benson and the expendables got false-cracked. This time he got a punch in, but the result might be worse.
And this song has been playing in my head all morning.


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