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Monday, December 07, 2009

Warriors in the Pros: Bess Press

Miami coach Tony Sparano had some good things to say about Bess today.
(On Davone Bess' performance against the Patriots) - "He did a nice job yesterday. Obviously one of the big things, running after the catch was critical. I think that there was clear emphasis on the Patriots part to try to take Davone away. There was some double coverage out there on him at times, and Davone did a good job beating double coverage a few times. A few times they had him in and out on some things, and he made some good decisions, and caught the ball and split it and ran it, and broke a few tackles, did some good things that way. Got a little bit better yesterday, one of the things Karl's [Dorrell] been doing a good job of and getting on his back about is route depth, being patient in some of these things, and he was pretty patient, which helped the process a little bit I thought yesterday. We just have to do a good job at the end taking care of the football and keeping the ball closer to our body."
Bess is profiled on MiamiDolphins.com.
"It was exciting and it's been something the whole receiving corps has been looking forward to," said Bess, who ranks near the top of the league in third-down conversions among receivers and is No. 1 in receptions among second-year receivers. "The coaches definitely had the trust and the confidence in us to get the job done and the offensive line did a great job at blocking and giving Henne time to sit back and pretty much pick apart the defense."
MiamiDolphins.com also has video of a press conference Bess had with the Miami media.

The Miami Herald has quotes from Bess and quarterback Chad Henne.
Altogether, Bess caught 10 Henne passes for 117 yards. Henne loves throwing to Bess because, as the QB puts it, ``Some of the [secondary] guys don't want to press him out there at the corner position.''

They don't like pressing Bess because if they press too close and miss, Bess is apt to be long gone.

Bess offered his own perspective on Henne. ``Every time they throw us the fastball, Chad is willing to hit the home run.''
And the Herald's Armando Salguero compares Bess to Wes Welker.
Same with Davone Bess. He has been Miami's best receiver all season long. Unfortunately for him, the Dolphins don't have a deep threat go-to guy that would do for him what Randy Moss does for Wes Welker. I covered Welker and am now seeing Bess up-close. Bess is every bit the player and would get similar results if and when Miami finds a star receiver.

That addition will free Bess to play the slot rather than outside. And that's when you'll see this kid take off because he is perfect for the position against nickel backs and safeties.


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