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Friday, October 02, 2009

WitP: Sopoaga, Ulbrich, Veikune, Tinoisamoa

Isaac Sopoaga has not been able to contact his family in American Samoa.
Defensive end Isaac Sopoaga said he has been unable to contact family members in his native American Samoa since it was hit by a tsunami this week. He does know, however, that some are in the hospital.

"There's a couple family members were injured," he said, though he was reluctant to expand on the topic. "Other than that, everybody is OK. There is no (telephone) line service. There's no way for me to get a hold of them."
His 49ers teammate Jeff Ulbrich talked about the NFL's efforts to raise breast cancer awareness.
If you see members of the 49ers and Rams wearing pink cleats, gloves, sweat bands or hats this Sunday, don’t be alarmed.

It’s planned.

This week, the NFL will do its part in celebrating breast cancer awareness month by allowing selected players to wear pink cleats and gloves. Sweatbands and hats will be available to all coaches and players on the sidelines.

“Without a doubt this is a great idea,” linebacker Jeff Ulbrich said on Friday. “There are so many people who are affected by breast cancer in general. I think it’s really cool that the NFL is doing something like this because of the exposure that the league gets on a weekly basis.”

The chance to spread awareness is even more special to Ulbrich, as his mother is a breast cancer survivor.

“She’s in the process of recovering, but she’s feeling a lot better,” he said. “I’m honored to help spread awareness and honor her courage.”
Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan talked about David Veikune in a press conference today.
(On if it is too early to play David Veikune)- “I think the young man has lots of talent. Really comparing him to our other guys, he’s very young. I mean, he’s three weeks into his career. To put him out there right now, it wouldn’t be fair to him, or anybody else. He’s constantly improving. I think his physical play and the way the practice were this week, he’s much better. Again, is he ready to take the reins of being middle linebacker in the National Football League right away, I don’t know if any rookie is. That might be a harder position to play than quarterback. I don’t know quarterback, but shoot, I’m going to say it’s harder.”
And Chicago Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa is listed as doubtful for this Sunday's matchup against the Detroit Lions.


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