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Saturday, August 29, 2009

WitP: Lelie, Sopoaga, Ulbrich, McBriar, Veikune, Elam, Mauia, Colt, Bess

Ashley Lelie had 4 catches for 52 yards tonight against the Seahawks, including a nice 33-yarder on an underthrown pass. I think he's secured himself a roster spot on the Kansas City Chiefs, at the very least.

KCChiefs.com has some post-game quotes from Lelie.
Talk about what tonight meant to you? “It means everything-my job. Any opportunity you get you have to go out and show what you can do. QB Matt (Gutierrez) gave the best chance to make a play on every ball he threw. I haven’t had that in awhile, where I come out of my route and the ball is in the air and I don’t have to wait on it. I haven’t had that since one of the first years of my career. It feels good to be in a real offense.”

On going to fade maybe one time too many: “Just a little miscommunication on our part. We have to get better as a duo. It’s just getting a feel for the quarterback and the quarterback getting a feel for you. When you get into the offense so late, it’s a little miscommunication.”

How much more comfortable are you now than a week ago? “Probably a hundred-fold. I got a chance to really watch what the starters did, and got to see all the calls they were making and the hand signals and everything. So just the extra week of film and everything helped me out a lot.”

Another week allows you really immerse yourself? “Definitely. Another week to get better at running the offense, get better at getting on the same page with the quarterbacks and running routes and doing stuff how they want done here.”

Are you starting to feel a little bit at home here? “A little bit. I’ve still got a long way to go, as you can see.”
Isaac Sopoaga had 3 tackles, Jeff Ulbrich had 1 tackle, and Mat McBriar has 4 punts for 32.8 yards(?) as the 49ers beat the Cowboys 20-13.

David Veikune got some first-team reps at outside linebacker in today's game against the Titans. He assisted on one tackle.

Jason Elam was 2 of 2 on field goals with a long of 40 yards in the Falcons' victory over the Chargers.

Reagan Mauia had 1 catch for 3 yards for the Arizona Cardinals on Friday.

Redskins.com has an article about Colt Brennan's performance in yesterday's game vs the Patriots.
Later in the third quarter against New England, Brennan faced a 3rd-and-10 at the Patriots’ 33-yard line.

Mitchell got a step on his defender and was open as he raced for the left corner of the end zone. Brennan’s pass was on target and Mitchell pulled the ball in just as he crossed the goal line for a 33-yard touchdown catch.

“At first I didn’t think the play would be there, but the safety stayed inside,” Brennan said. “Marko did a great job. He was supposed to run a hitch and stop, and then he realized the defense had busted the coverage.

“So he put his hand up and ran for the end zone. I saw him at the last second and threw it to him.”

And a burden was lifted, if only for a moment.

“Last year [in preseason], I was taking chances and it seemed like everything was going great,” he said. “This year, it seems like every time I take a chance, I pay for it. To finally get in the end zone and finally have a touchdown, it is like a monkey is off my back.”
Thanks to Patty G for the article.

Warpath has more post-game quotes from Colt.

Warpath Confidential thinks Colt probably helped himself.
Meanwhile, Brennan went from possible camp cut to likely sealing his No. 3 slot. Brennan opened by throwing a 99-yard touchdown interception. Last year’s wonder seemed truly lost. But, Brennan later threw that deep touch pass that Campbell can’t deliver with a perfect 33-yard scoring strike to Marko Mitchell. Suddenly, the rookie quarterback with a penchant for big plays was back.
And here's a really short video of Davone Bess speaking to the Miami press, from MiamiDolphins.com.

UPDATE: From the Sun-Sentinel, looks like Bess is in a 3-way battle for Miami's #2 receiver spot.
There aren't many starting spots on the Dolphins' roster that don't have a tenant, even if it's a temporary one. But coach Tony Sparano admits there's a flashing "vacancy" sign on the starting receiver spot opposite Ted Ginn Jr. Auditions are being held daily among Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess and Brian Hartline.

Sparano said all three will play against New Orleans on Thursday "until we see what we need to see."

He also hinted that the player who prevails will be the wideout who produces the most big plays.

"Teddy has got the long speed and all those things, so you think that's where your home run is. But we have to get more chunks [of yards] on offense. I'm looking for a guy that can gobble up yards out there opposite [Ginn]," Sparano said. "We need a guy who can make some bigger plays on the other side."


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