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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Keomaka Off The Team

Cornerback Ryan Keomaka has been dismissed from the UH football team for missing study hall.
Keomaka said he mistakenly believed he needed to log a certain amount of time in study hall, and not attend nightly. The UH athletic department has study sessions throughout the day. The football coaches monitor the evening sessions.

"It's my fault because I didn't ask," Keomaka said. "I just, you know."

Asked if Keomaka could rejoin the team in the spring, Jones said: "Right now, he's not coming back. It's too bad."
He had previously been dismissed from the team in the spring because he missed class, but had then been reinstated and worked his way back into the depth chart this season. I'm glad UH is taking academics seriously, but I still feel bad for him.


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