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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Title Change

I was gonna try to write a 2006 Warriors preview this weekend, but instead I changed the title of this blog and redesigned the banner. Style over substance!

So the blog is now called "The Warriors Will Throw"

I figure it's better than "University of Hawaii Football," which is a title I've had for a while because it's generic, but I now realize could be confused for an official UH football blog, which could in turn get me in trouble. Especially when I start swearing and insulting people.

As for "The Warriors Will Throw", I chose it because the Warriors throw the ball a lot... It's also a take-off on those "June Would Throw" bumper stickers that came out a few years ago. And it allows me to add "You Off the Pali" next to it in small print. I just hope no one actually gets thrown off the Pali anytime soon.

As for the banner, the little Colt Brennan and Davone Bess are from two photographs taken by Scott Morifuji of the Honolulu Advertiser during last year's Boise State game. UPDATE: The little Colt Brennan and Davone Bess are drawn by a master artist I commissioned to capture the beauty that is football in motion. It was a long, arduous task, but I think it turned out better than expected.

And I took the football stitching design from a T-Shirt I bought at the UH Rainbowtique. Gotta give props!

Anyway, that's enough about the blog, back to UH football news from here on out. The Bama game is less than two weeks away!


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