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Saturday, December 18, 2010

UH D-Line, Tulsa's No-Huddle, Alex Green

Stephen Tsai writes about the camaraderie of the UH defensive line on and off the field.
Defensive tackle Haku Correa is the protective one.

"We were at Koko Head," Meatoga recalled, "and Haku was like: 'Get away from the ledge. Everybody move back. You're too close to the end. You guys are going to get hurt.'"

During a hike on Kauai, one of the players threw a branch into a 40-foot waterfall.

"Haku yelled: 'Vaughn, no!'" Meatoga recalled, laughing. "He started panicking. He thought I fell into the water. He doesn't like us to do anything dangerous."
From yesterday's paper, Tsai takes a look at how UH will try to handle Tulsa's no-huddle offense.
Aranda said Tulsa's pace prevents defenses from substituting, which then causes fatigue.

"Big plays come when (defensive) guys are worn down or tired," Aranda said. "They get confused. ... When guys are gassed, they don't communicate. You get one guy doing this and one guy doing that, and that's when you get into trouble."
And Andrea Adelson of ESPN's College Football Nation blog highlighted Alex Green's great season.
Green said the run-and-shoot is the reason why he was so successful this season.

"We have a really good receiving corps, really good offensive line, and opponents focus on our receivers a lot," he said in a phone interview. "I get the ball as much as I can, and usually it’s open."
UPDATE: Tsai has a lot of pics from UH's graduation day. Congrats to the grads!


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