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Sunday, October 24, 2010

WitP: Bess TD, Ikaika's non-recovery, Pisa fills in, etc

Davone Bess caught 6 passes for 66 yards, including an amazing 26-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown vs the Steelers. Here's that highlight:

Unfortunately Miami ended up losing the game. Ikaika Alama-Francis talks about the strange play that gave the ball back to Steelers after Ben Roethlisberger fumbled it into the endzone and Ikaika appeared to recover. Pittsburgh ended up kicking the go-ahead field goal on the next play.

Pisa Tinoisamoa was credited with 3 tackles and a forced fumble in a loss to the Redskins, but Jeff Dickerson of ESPN.com's Chicago Bears Blog writes that Pisa was all over the field.
Frankly, I'm surprised to see Tinoisamoa credited with only three tackles in the press box stat book. The linebacker appeared to be all over the field, and he delivered a huge hit on McNabb on a blitz. With Lance Briggs missing last game and most of the Redskins matchup, Tinoisamoa and Brian Iwuh have more than picked up the slack.
Travis LaBoy had 2 tackles while Isaac Sopoaga had 1 in a loss to Carolina.

Samson Satele suffered a concussion in today's Raiders-Broncos game.

Jake Ingram has been struggling.
Ingram has had a pretty rough season, with lots of low/high/to the side snaps. He's been extremely inconsistent. This game, for the whole first half, Ingram had no control over where the ball would go. It ended up in the dirt more than it did in Mesko's hands on punting snaps. He was called for a penalty. Not a good showing for a player who plays a completely un-guaranteed position. Look for the Patriots to try out some long snappers this week- Ingram will stay on the roster, but another game like today and he may be looking for a new job.
Adam Leonard was blind-sided in Saturday's BC vs Calgary CFL game. His teammate Solomon Elimimian, who was fined for a hit on a quarterback, wonders why there seems to be a double standard when it comes to hitting a defenseless player.
Elimimian was livid not only at seeing Lewis take advantage of Leonard’s vulnerability but the double standard he believes was at play. His intent was to tackle, not to injure Ray. He can’t say the same applied to Lewis.

“It’s a safety and respect issue,” Elimimian says. “One of the reasons I was told I got fined was to protect the safety of CFL players. Well, in that case, anybody watching the film on Nik Lewis and Adam can clearly see what he’s doing. You should fine Nik Lewis for disregarding safety. Adam was nowhere near the play. He didn’t see him coming. That’s the monster you create. You set down a code of behaviour and everyone must be expected to follow it.”
And to end it on some happier news, Chad Owens is about to become recognized one of the greatest special teams' players in CFL history.
Chad Owens is close to putting himself in some elite company, as he should become only the fifth player in CFL history to compile 1,000 punt return yards and 1,000 kickoff return yards in a single season. Owens has 1,093 kickoff return yards and 949 punt return yards. The most recent CFLer to hit 1,000 yards in both categories in one year was Corey Holmes, who did it for Saskatchewan in 2002.


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