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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

WitP: Audio Interviews with Ikaika, Bess and Sol; Chad Owens Praised, Wayne Hunter Recovering

The Finsiders have audio interviews with Dolphins Ikaika Alama-Francis and Davone Bess.

BCLions.com has an audio interview with Solomon Elimimian.

Alexis Brudnicki of The Toronto Observer has an article highlighting Chad Owens' dedication.
Owens has not only made a name for himself, but his impact has spread to other members of the Double Blue.

“It’s the belief that if you do your job, he’s going to make something happen,” Crawford said of Owens. “And sometimes when you don’t do your job he’s going to make you look good anyways. That’s what a guy like that brings.”

A guy like that also brings some excitement to a city that has seen its football team struggle in recent years.
And Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger has an update on Wayne Hunter's injured shin.
The bruise on Wayne Hunter's right shin was massive and, quite honestly, pretty grotesque to look at. Today, though, the Jets tackle had it covered up with a protective carbon fiber shin guard that he expects to wear for the next two to three weeks.

"The swelling is still there, so I'm wearing the shin guard," Hunter explained. "If I get hit in the same spot, that's the biggest risk. Then I'd definitely need to get surgery."
Hunter said he developed compartment syndrome, a condition in which the nerves, blood vessels and muscle are compressed because of the raised pressure within a closed compartment of the body. It generally occurs in the lower leg and forearm, and can require long surgical cuts to be made in the tissue to release the pressure.

"I got more of compartment(s) syndrome," Hunter said, explaining there are four compartments in the leg. "All of my compartments were swelled up evenly, so it was a good thing. It was like a big bruise waiting to go back down."

He did not require surgery, but sat out in order to avoid explosion, infection or necrosis of the tissue.
That really is disgusting. Glad he's on the road back.


  • At Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 9:42:00 PM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    like reading here, listening to 1420, check out the warrior beat, ST and the SA columns, etc. One thing i never heard anyone comment is how great public speakers Hawaii student athletes are, especially the football players. They are great interviews, consistently interesting, on point and professional. Aside from humble and giving all credit to others. I make this point because this is a reflection of good coaching and mentoring. I credit June Jones for his influence and prepping these guys for the next level. I think the current staff is doing just the same. Try listen to some of the other student athlete interviews and its painful.

  • At Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 5:39:00 PM HST, Blogger Tombo Ahi said…

    yeah, i think they get some training in dealing with the media, not sure. maybe it helps because some of them become the media like shawn ching and john veneri.


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