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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

George Daily-Lyles, O-Line, USC

Stephen Tsai profiles starting middle linebacker George Daily-Lyles.
But Daily-Lyles did not embrace the sport initially.

"I was 7," he said. "I wanted to go home and play around in the yard instead of being out there with a helmet on."

That all changed when he made his first jarring hit during a drill.

"I put somebody on his back, and that feeling was like euphoria," he said. "That first taste of blood. It's like a shark in the water. You sniff it out, and you get it."
Stephen Tsai has some news and notes, and talks to starting left tackle Austin Hansen, who has high praise for his fellow offensive linemen.
Hansen said left guard Brysen "Bulla" Ginlack is "ready to play old-school football and hit you in the mouth all day."

Hansen described right guard Adrian "Aussie" Thomas as a "big, physical man. I remember (former Warriors defensive end) David Veikune telling me the thing about Aussie once he has his hands on you, you're done. His upper-body is so powerful. He's so powerful with his forearms."

Hansen said right tackle Laupepa Letuli, a sixth-year senior, is "an athletic freak. He's more talented, more athletic than anybody on the line."

Hansen noted that center Bronson Tiwanak is a black belt in kenpo.

"He can come out and karate-chop you in the chest and give you something to think about," Hansen said.
Best quote of the day right there.

The Warriors are not the only ones with an untested O-line.
It took nearly a month and more than 25 practices, but USC on Monday finally achieved a milestone of sorts when its projected starting offensive line finally practiced together for an extended period.

The line, and how it will react to game conditions, is one of the Trojans' biggest mysteries heading into Thursday's opener at Hawaii.
USC has only 12 scholarship offensive linemen on the roster. About half have little or no game experience.
Ferd Lewis profiles USC head coach Lane Kiffin.

CBS Sports has a USC vs UH game preview.

And the "Jimokes of USC" notes that the Trojans depart for Hawaii tonight.
The Jimokes will spend Tuesday morning loading an equipment truck filled with travel bags to check on the airplane.

The Trojans will have a 2:00 practice Tuesday afternoon, before a 3:30 lunch.

And we will all depart LAX at 7:00 Tuesday night, arriving in Honolulu at about 9:30 p.m.


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