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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brett Leonard Injured, UH Prediction, Masch, Etc.

Stephen Tsai writes about Brett Leonard, who suffered a knee injury in yesterday's practice.
Leonard had an MRI yesterday. Early indications are that there is no significant damage, although Leonard is expected to miss at least a few practices.

Leonard was poised to be named the starting center when he was injured during a limited-contact drill.
Bronson Tiwanak is now elevated to starting center.

Bob Hogue predicts UH will have a winning season. He breaks down his prediction game by game.

Greg Moberly of The Union profiles UH defensive tackle Zach Masch.
Although he redshirted last year, Masch said there's nothing about the commitments of being a student-athlete that's easy. He still went to all the team's games, including road trips.

“Being a student-athlete is a full-time job,” said Masch. “People say it must be great to live in Hawaii and be able to go to the beach. But I don't have time to go to the beach.”
Russell Tolentino of Ka Leo O Hawaii writes that Greg McMackin needs to prove his worth.

And Ferd Lewis writes that wherever UH ends up, there will be travel subsidies.
Remember that controversial student athletic fee adopted by the University of Hawaii last month, the $1.85 million windfall designed to help the athletic department take a big step toward solvency?

I'm hating Fresno and Reno more and more each day.


  • At Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 11:24:00 AM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great job Russell Tolentino @ Kaleo.org. Keep up the good work. After all I hear the Fred Von Appen will come back for $400,000. Your article serves to incite, but is not insightful. I’m sure everyone will agree that a salary adjustment will have to take place based on the way the WAC has gone down the tubes as a viable business model. If you had just written an article on that theme I would be happy, but cheap shot sniping is just irresponsible and irritating. Not a very good read at all. Enlightens me to nothing, informs me of the obvious, and makes me suspect of the motive(s) behind the article and its timing. Bless your little heart.


    Stephen & Suk Hui Lenzi
    Navarre, FL Fans

  • At Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 8:40:00 PM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    @ Bob and Coito's predictions... Why cant Hawai'i win one of these games: Colorado, Boise, Nevada and Fresno ? I bet Hawaii will pull off 1 or 2 of thses games... come on big green!!!


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