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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Signing Day is Tomorrow

UH recruiting coordinator Tony Tuioti is today's guest on The Warrior Beat Show, starting at around 11am HST. He can't answer any questions about specific recruits, but can talk about the process.

Dave Reardon is getting tired of a particular signing day tradition.
With national letter-of-intent day tomorrow, I have just one favor to ask of the participants: Please, please, this ain't hockey — scrap the hat trick.

High school seniors choosing from among a collection of caps has become a tired cliche and just the latest element of fabricated newsmaking to hit recruiting.
He also has some notes about UH recruits:
We won't know how the University of Hawaii's class shapes up until the pens hit paper tomorrow ... and maybe not even then. Beau Yap is a huge late catch, but one thing you learn early on is if a guy changes his commitment once, you can't be surprised if he does again (Exhibit A: Jeremy Perry). I guarantee you Baylor hasn't given up.

Another defensive lineman, Lawrence Lagafuaina, was on the waver wire over the weekend, trying to choose between UH and Washington. The latest report yesterday had him headed to the Huskies.
And Ferd Lewis has a follow-up to his and Tulsa World's "recruiting in Hawaii" articles from a couple days ago.


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