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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Coaching Moves... Part 2 (w/UPDATE)

The Star-Bulletin has some news.
Hawaii defensive line coach Dave Aranda has been promoted to defensive coordinator, one of several changes on the Warriors staff, multiple sources close to the situation told the Star-Bulletin today (Wednesday).

Cal Lee, who was the defensive coordinator, will remain as linebackers coach, sources said.

Sources also said Tony Tuioti will move from director of player personnel to defensive line coach (replacing Aranda), and George Lumpkin will move from defensive ends assistant to Tuioti's former spot.
UPDATE (2/18/10): Jason Kaneshiro has a follow-up article.
"There will be some changes on the staff and we're going through the hiring process right now. We won't announce anything until mid-March," said head coach Greg McMackin in a statement released last night.
Here's an article about the process of making changes, from Stephen Tsai.
The assumption is that Tuioti and a current assistant coach would switch positions. By law and the Board of Regents' hiring policy, any move between an assistant coaching position and a non-coaching position must be advertised for 10 work days.

"I'm going to give a fair look at all of the applicants," McMackin said last night.
And Dave Reardon takes a look at the possible changes.
Who would've thought that before the start of McMackin's third season he'd have taken the play-calling duties from Ron Lee, whom he described as his "offensive coordinator for life," and demoted Ron's brother Cal? It was a strange situation from the beginning, as McMackin retained defensive play-calling responsibilities; Cal Lee's role seemed more adviser than coordinator.

Now, how much room will McMackin give Aranda?

And you had to know Tony Tuioti would eventually get to the field. He's probably a better fit as a defensive line coach than head of recruiting; he was in the trenches for UH as a defensive tackle himself, and he's still young enough to relate to the players. George Lumpkin was June Jones' recruiting coordinator; now we'll see how he does on a second go-round — this time without having to be a position coach, too.


  • At Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 10:03:00 PM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you again for this amazing blog! It's my home away from home :)

  • At Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 11:54:00 AM HST, Blogger Tombo Ahi said…


  • At Friday, February 19, 2010 at 4:34:00 AM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Its about time Cal got demoted. Now its time to get rid of both lee brothers. They should be coaching HS ball. UH had every opportunity to keep June jones and they f*cked it up. The problems at UH begin at the top of the administration and trickle down via POOR hiring and mismanagement of funds. What is our hiring process? "Have you ever met June Jones or Mouse Davis? HIRED!" "Can you spell Run And Shoot? HIRED!"

  • At Friday, February 19, 2010 at 4:38:00 AM HST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    its simple people...ACADEMICS THROUGH ATHLETICS. Or in other words, when you have a strong athletic team/facilities you have more applicants THUS allowing the school to be more selective and increase the quality of techers.(Maybe even a TA that speaks english!!) This is, of course, without someone from UH "managing funds".


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