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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adrian Thomas, GDL, National TV

Stephen Tsai profiles Adrian Thomas, who will get the start at right tackle in place of Laupepa Letuli.
"He's really our sixth-best offensive lineman right now," line coach Gordy Shaw said.

Thomas, who is 6 feet 6 and 306 pounds, has remained fit through an intensive conditioning program. In Australia, he trained by running sand dunes. He is capable of bench pressing 385 pounds. His vertical jump is 29 inches.

Thomas has displayed agility and good footwork. But because he has worked with the first team for only three practices, Shaw said, "he's been a little rusty. But he's getting settled pretty quickly."
Tsai also writes that Royce Pollard is expected to start at right wideout and return kicks.

Kaneshiro also profiles Adrian Thomas.
"He's one of those guys who can play inside or outside. He's big enough to play inside, but moves well enough to be outside and play tackle."

After three years of patience and preparation, his first true test comes Wednesday in Ruston.

"It's not exactly the best way," Thomas said of moving into the lineup due to an injury, "but any chance I get, I'm excited to take it and take up the challenge."
Kaneshiro also talks to George Daily-Lyles about forgoing his redshirt year.
Earlier this week, the freshman linebacker was content to redshirt. Now he's on the travel list and ready to contribute against Louisiana Tech.

Aaron Brown's hamstring injury will keep him out of action, opening a spot for Daily-Lyles, who will play on special teams, along with providing depth at outside linebacker.

"I was thinking about taking it slow," Daily-Lyles said. "Right now it's 'all in.' Get this stuff under my belt and when game time comes I'll be ready.

"I've changed it up from taking it slow to hitting it hard."
Ferd Lewis writes about the sacrifices UH and Louisiana Tech are making to help out the WAC and be on national TV.

Even so, Dave Reardon thinks that the sacrifice UH is making is ridiculous.
TO ME, mostly it highlights once again how ridiculous it is that UH and LaTech are in the same conference. It remains to be seen how two "half" byes affect the team one way or the other, but Warriors coach Greg McMackin is rightfully not thrilled with the lack of an actual week-long bye.

Hawaii should never make a special trip all the way to Ruston, La., just for the one game against the Bulldogs. It's too expensive not to combine it with another road game, such as two years ago when the game at LaTech was followed by one at UNLV on the way back to Hawaii. Anything east of the Rockies should be paired, and Hawaii has the right idea in following up next year's game at West Point with one at Colorado since the Warriors are on the mainland anyway.


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