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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revised Depth Chart, Backup QBs, Central Arkansas, LaTech

Stephen Tsai has the revised depth chart up on the Warrior Beat. Some interesting excerpts:
Running back: 1. Leon Wright-Jackson/Inoke Funaki. 2. Alex Green. 3. Jayson Rego. 4. Chizzy Dimude. 5. Hogan Rosehill, Kainoa Carlson.
Left end: 1. Elliott Purcell. 2. Paipai Falemalu. 3. Victor Clore. 4. Cameron Allen-Jones. 5. Tua Mahaley, Earvin Sione, Aaron Rink.
Strong linebacker: 1. Corey Paredes/Blaze Soares. 2. Josh Rice. 3. Art Laurel. 4. Tim Brown.
Weak linebacker: 1. R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane. 2. Po‘okela Ahmad/George Daily-Lyles. 3. Joseph Malabuyoc.
Tsai also writes that Heather McMackin will be today's guest on The Warrior Beat Show today at noon HST.

In his article, Tsai analyzes the depth chart, writes about the haka being brought back and the naming of the team captains, and takes a look at the battle for #2 quarterback.
One of the key battles — the No. 2 quarterback's job — will be extended for at least two more practices.

Entering training camp, Rausch and Shane Austin were bracketed at No. 2, with Moniz at No. 4. Despite a sore right (throwing) arm, Moniz has played well in training camp — enough to move into the competition for the role as top backup.

After a lengthy meeting Sunday, it was decided that Rausch and Moniz would be bracketed at No. 2, and Austin would take mental reps during practices.

McMackin said establishing a clear No. 2 quarterback is important in setting the practices leading to the Sept. 4 opener against Central Arkansas.

McMackin said Alexander will get two-thirds of the reps in 6-on-7 and team drills; the No. 2 quarterback will receive the other third.
Jason Kaneshiro writes about the depth chart, the captains, the rosters expanding, and the rise of the Phoenix out of Leilehua (!), Bryant Moniz.
Moniz had impressed the coaches with his progress during spring practice and fall camp and elevated his profile with a solid performance in a scrimmage last Friday, throwing the lone touchdown pass of the day.

"He's got a great feel for the game," UH head coach Greg McMackin said. "Throws the ball, quick release, knows the offense, very smart, very fast. He gives us another dimension. He's definitely somebody we think can win games for us."
Via the Deseret News, here's an AP article about the growing pains the UH defense has gone through as it's gotten rebuilt.
Vaughn Meatoga, a sophomore who is expected to start this season, seemed disgusted when he recalled that the team's defensive line mustered barely enough sacks to "count them on one hand" throughout spring practice.

In the annual spring game in late April, the offenses combined for 48 points in the first half and recorded three touchdown passes longer than 50 yards.

It was so clearly a defense drowning in unfamiliarity, but it is a problem that has slowly been remedied in the four months since, coach said.

"We didn't have that chemistry," McMackin said of his defense in spring ball. "Everyone was trying to get their own job. I think now in the fall, guys are finding their position, starting to play next to guys and there's more of a teamness and a oneness. For about the last week, they've really come together. We've been getting turnovers. We've been making plays."
David McCollum of the Log Cabin Democrat writes about Central Arkansas preparing for their opener against UH.
Serious preparations for the opener begins today.

“We’re locked into game mode now,” Conque said. “There’s a different sense of urgency when you enter game week. In preseason camp, the focus was entirely on us. Now, we preparing to play a game and the pace picks up.”
Kaneshiro has a preview of Louisiana Tech.

And Ferd Lewis takes a look at ticket sales.
Based upon early trends, the University of Hawai'i is projecting a distribution of "about 33,000-35,000 tickets" for its Sept. 4 season-opening football game with Central Arkansas, athletic director Jim Donovan said.

With 10 days remaining, Donovan and UH officials said they are "hopeful" a surge of walk-up sales in the waning days might lift the projections — which includes both sales and "comps" — higher.

UH said it has sold approximately 22,250 season tickets to date and, as of yesterday afternoon, about 400 individual game tickets for the season opener.

"When all is said and done, we may be down about 5,000 tickets from last year," Donovan said. UH reported distributing 39,446 tickets for the 2008 opener against Weber State and a turnstile count of 36,247.


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