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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coach Mack Show, Na Koa Luncheon, Call the Coach (w/UPDATE)

After a short delay, this week's Coach Mack Show is now online at KGMB's website.

uhwarriors of SportsHawaii.com has posted his Na Koa Luncheon report up on the Na Koa website. Here's an excerpt:
The special teams played much better especially on the coverage teams. They opened up positions looking for five “crazies” last week. They were very enthusiastic and it was exciting to watch them play.

Coach Miano showed our first kickoff where Brashton Satele crashed into a wedge blocker knocking him onto his back. Spencer Smith did a good job of closing down on the play and made a good tackle.

Coach also showed another kickoff where the smallest guy on the field, Richard Torres was the first one down field taking on the wedge blockers.
And don't forget to listen to Call the Coach at the Willows, tonight at 6pm HST. Tune in to 1420 AM or listen online at ESPN1420AM.com.

UPDATE: Call the Coach is over, but I did post some notes from the show on SportsHawaii.com's front page.

UPDATE 2: uhwarrior23 has a great recap as well.


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