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Monday, September 25, 2006


Stephen Tsai writes that Inoke Funaki will replace Kurt Milne as the holder. He also writes that Malcolm Lane, who is currently redshirting, may actually play this year, possibly because of Ryan Grice-Mullins' sprained ankle.
If Grice-Mullins can't play, the chain reaction might lead to Lane abandoning plans to redshirt. Lane has been impressive on the scout team, portraying UNLV quarterback Rocky Hinds two weeks ago and Boise State receiver Jerard Rabb last week.

Asked why Lane would be activated, Jones said: "Our whole purpose is to win games, and he's a good player."
Good reason.

Dave Reardon writes about the Warriors having to wait for their plane after 3 attempts by Aloha Airlines to send one to pick them up failed.
The 88-member UH traveling party spent most of yesterday in Idaho after two mechanical delays -- and a third precautionary one when the plane took off from Honolulu but had to return 2 minutes into its ascent after a bird flew into one of its engines.

It added up to a 6-hour overnight wait at the airport and a nearly 16-hour total delay for the Warriors before they could board a flight home.
That's just not cool.

And Ferd Lewis writes about the Warriors' slow starts against Bama and Boise which helped doom them in both losses. Despite that, UH finished strong in each, though it wasn't enough. On to Eastern Illinois!


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